We have been using TutorTutor for a few months now. Our tutor, Sarah was carefully matched to my daughter. In this time my child has made so much progress! Our tutor has taken a genuine interest in our child, at times arriving early just to ask her what she’s been doing. I see her having genuine interest in my child and wanting her to achieve the best she can and my child has formed a really good relationship with her tutor. Can’t recommend more highly, we are so happy!


A big thank you to Frances from Tutor Tutor who has been tutoring my daughter now for over six months. My daughter has ASD and finds learning and other factors challenging. Frances has found a way to connect and engage with my daughter on a personal level, and leverages this relationship to present concepts in a fun and easy to understand way that works.  This is now showing in her school reports, feedback from teachers and her attitude to learning in general. Looking forwarding to what we can achieve in 2017. 


Mountain Creek

Wow what a great team at Tutor Tutor. Starting with Ceri who was only too happy come and meet our daughter and find out a bit about her and the way she learns, to matching the right teacher with our daughter. Outstanding communication from teacher and company.  Kim was an amazing teacher who was flexible with our daughters learning and made it fun for her.  Thank you so much I would have no hesitation in recommending you to other parents. Our daughter confidence with maths has improved so much thanks to your team.


Shelly Beach

I just wanted to let you, and others, know about our experience with Tutor Tutor and our son’s tutor, Frances.  Our son experiences difficulties in keeping up with the pace of learning at primary school. He has had a few tough years that have left him slightly behind his peers. As a parent, this obviously has been very difficult for us as we all want the best for our kids, and do not want to see them struggle in any way. I called Tutor Tutor and spoke with you.  You were amazing!  It was wonderful to be able to speak with someone who was so understanding.  I think we spent the first hour crying together!  Your support meant so much to me at a time where I was so concerned for my son. From that point on, you selected Frances as a match for our son, and you nailed it!!  For 2 years, Frances has shown up and worked with our son, patiently moving through a combination of the material supplied by you both, and helping him with his homework.  Frances has been so wonderful!!  She is kind, understanding and is always punctual. She is such a lovely person and teaches in a manner that our son really responds to.  And he rarely complains about tutoring day (he’s a boy after all…).  After the 2 years of support from Tutor Tutor, we are delighted to say that he is continually improving and narrowing the gap. He is more confident within himself, and at school, and he is showing real progress. We are so happy with the service that you provide. From that first call lending me an empathetic ear, to the responsiveness around billing, holiday schedules and sending Frances to us. Our son has benefited tremendously from it all!! I couldn’t recommend you any more highly if I tried!!



My daughter Isabella was tutored by Tutor Tutor for 3 months weekly until we recently moved.  They were great and very hands on with Isabella. They were really accommodating, and forever dropping off work sheets for Isabella to do at home. I had a few issues with Isabella's school, I spoke to Tutor Tutor about it all, and they gave me some great advice on how to handle the situation and worked through it with me. After Isabella's first assessment, Tutor Tutor sat with me and talked me through it. They were very thorough in what my daughter was capable of doing and what she struggled with. I would definitely say they told me more about my daughter in those 45 minutes, than I had ever been told by her previous school! Isabella will be starting her new school with heaps more confidence thanks to Tutor Tutor!

Sophie Sullivan


I have to say that my children have had other tutors in the past but Tutor Tutor is the best by far!! Absolutely brilliant tutor!

Natalie Trippick

Kawana Island

I was interested in getting help for my 11yr old daughter Phoebe, who despite always achieving well above the expected levels for her age, has always suffered a lack of confidence in her abilities particularly with mathematics. After an initial assessment, Tutor Tutor allowed Phoebe to say what she wanted to concentrate on in each session and covered all subjects and also did some practice test papers leading up to her exams. Phoebe certainly gained a lot from working with Tutor Tutor and attained excellent results. I would not hesitate to recommend Tutor Tutor. I also thought that their fee's were very reasonable. In fact we are hoping to be to fit in a couple of sessions before school starts in January just to give her confidence a little boost. Thank you Tutor Tutor from both myself and Phoebe. 

Tracey Hutchings


I highly recommend Tutor Tutor to anyone who is seeking professional, highly skilled and qualified Tutors.  Tutor Tutor not only listened to the needs and requirements I was searching for - they also made contact with my sons teachers at school so they could employ the proper tuition in the subjects that needed attention. My 2 boys are now receiving exactly the kind of 'hands on' and practical tutoring that I could not find elsewhere. Their Tutor, Cynthia, is a wonderful and delightful mentor who has made a big difference in my boys tutoring experience and they now look forward to their weekly tutoring sessions ! Thank you Tutor Tutor.

Petrina McKean


Would like to say a big thank you to Tutor Tutor for coming to our home once a week to tutor our Four and a half year old daughter Brontee. In this time Brontee has grown in leaps and bounds with the time and hard work her tutor (Libby) has invested in Brontee. In this time her tutor has learnt Brontee’s strengths and weakness and introduced work that will strengthen and develop her. My husband and I are now very excited that Brontee will be at the appropriate level for beginning her first year of school next year. I highly recommend Tutor Tutor to anyone who would like to receive an amazing quality of service. 

Josephine Stewart


We have had various tutors on the Sunshine Coast over the last couple of years and nothing compares to the organisation, communication and effectiveness shown by the team at Tutor Tutor. Not only has Frank been amazingly patient with our teenage daughter but he has also managed to engage her, which is no mean feat. I thoroughly recommend Tutor Tutor, their professionalism leaves a lot of other 'so called' tutors in the dust! 

Leone Martin

Coolum Beach

Can’t recommend the team at Tutor Tutor enough.  I  turned to them after seeing my eight year old daughter struggle for some time in Maths.  It was apparent she had missed some fundamentals along the way but I could not help her no matter how I tried.  Tutor Tutor provided a highly personalised service and learning plan delivered on a one on one basis to ensure the fastest possible result.   Our tutor is a qualified teacher and has connected with our daughter to get amazing results.  Our Tutor has transformed our daughter from being fearful and lacking confidence to even have a go, to a competent confident student who is actually enjoying Maths.   Her grade improved in a short time frame and we are looking forward to seeing even more improvement in the near future.  As an unexpected bonus, we are also seeing positive spin offs in some of her other subjects and a much more confident and enthusiastic approach to things in general.   Thank you Tutor Tutor! My advice to other parents is not to wait and see,  get help sooner rather than later.  You will be amazed at how the stress and anxiety for your family can be eliminated in a short amount of time. 

Alison Mancini


When I first started receiving tutoring from Anna I was very worried about passing physiology. I was worried that I would fail and it would add another year to my degree. She helped me week by week for an hour at a time and as a result everything became much easier and I was able to pass the course before even sitting my final exam. Thank you Anna, you made it all easier.

Matt Parsons

Kawana Waters

I am very impressed by Tutor Tutor as a business and my Son's Tutor Michelle. My first point of contact was Ceri. Ceri is so easy to communicate with and has a genuine care for not only the child’s needs but the needs of working within the families’ busy schedule, including my sons after school work roster as well. My son, a teenage boy is being tutored by Michelle. She is wonderful, patient and is intuitive, using his passions to encourage him to work and learn.  It's great seeing him working and finishing the session and still feeling relaxed and like he has accomplished something.  From a busy mum’s perspective, the two best things I love about Tutor Tutor is: 1. They come to our home. YAY!!! One less place to drive. 2. One less night I have to haggle with my son to do his homework.

Monique Williames

Mooloolah Island

". . . the service delivery was exceptional. I found that your formal approach was exactly what i would expect. I can't express enough on how easy it was to liaise with yourselves and thank you for being so efficient when I was in desperate need for a tutor."


Kawana Island

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