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Please read and accept the Terms and Conditions before registering for the Tutor Tutor Website. Tutor Tutor reserves the right to review and change the Terms and Conditions at any time. As a member, you will be updated and informed of these changes. We recommend that you keep a copy of the Terms and Conditions for your own records


Tutor Tutor helps Students find the perfect Tutor in their local area for home and/or online tuition.

Our rights & responsibilities

  • To maintain a functional Website, including communication systems and payment processing for subscription fees.

  • To help Tutors and Students connect, by enabling Tutors to advertise their professional tuition services.

  • To decide when a Tutor’s profile is sufficiently complete to be set live and be accessible by other Members.

  • To take precautions considered reasonable to protect Student’s and Tutor’s information.

  • Tutor Tutor reserves the right to accept or refuse subscriptions. 


Tutor responsibilities


  • Tutors are solely responsible for their own actions both on and off the Website.

  • Tutors must disclose any criminal convictions, cautions and pending court proceedings they may have to Tutor Tutor.

  • Tutors must be at least 18 years old and legally entitled to work in Australia.

  • Tutors are responsible for ensuring that the personal information they provide and their personal statements on the Website are accurate and in no way misleading. They must update this information to maintain its accuracy.

  • If Tutors contact Students who are under 18, they must ensure that these learners are represented by a parent or legal guardian who gives consent for the Student to receive tuition

  • Tutors must use their own judgement about whether they wish to offer their tuition services to each individual Student or group of students. Tutors should take every precaution to ensure that they work in a safe environment and are responsible for their own insurance policies to cover the work they undertake.

  • Tutors are responsible for setting their own fee.

  • Tutors must not knowingly charge a fee which is not in line with their level of expertise or experience

  • Tutors should confirm bookings and respond to messages received from Tutor Tutor and Students promptly (within 24 hours).

  • Tutors who fail to comply with the Terms and Conditions may be immediately blocked from using the Website.

  • Tutor Tutor reserves the right to block any Tutors who are in breach of this agreement.





Student/Customer responsibilities


  • A Customer must be 18 years old to book a Tutor for themselves or be represented by a parent or legal guardian over the age of 18 who gives consent for them to receive tuition. Students must ensure that all of their personal details and contact information are accurate and up-to-date. Tutor Tutor is not responsible for any dispute regarding parental consent.

  • A Customer must ensure that they have given enough information to the Tutor, including their correct address, to allow the Lesson to take place. If a Lesson is to take place at the Student’s home, the Student must ensure a suitable setting for tuition.

  • A Customer is to use their own judgement about the services of Tutors detailed on the Tutor Tutor Website. They are responsible for checking the credentials, expertise, references, qualifications and insurance policies of any Tutor with whom they confirm a booking.

Member responsibilities

  • Members agree to manage their Subscription charges using Tutor Tutor Website. If a member cancels their subscription, they will not receive a refund of any fees already paid.

  • A member authorizes Tutor Tutor to charge their credit/debit card for Subscription charges on the subscription renewal date.




  • Tutors are not employees of Tutor Tutor and accept full responsibility for all Tax, Insurance and other liabilities arising from tuition.

  • Tutors are responsible for their own conduct and behavior both on and off the Site.

  • Tutor Tutor may provide links to external sites but has no control and is not responsible for the content of those sites.

  • Tutor Tutor is a facilitator introducing Students to Tutors. Tutor Tutor does not hold any liability to the Student

and will not personally refund them any payments made in the use of Services. However, if a Student is unsatisfied with the services provided by the Tutor or believes they are entitled to a refund, then Tutor Tutor requests/requires the Student to contact the Tutor directly to discuss the matter.



Payment and Refund Policy


  • Members agree to the subscription fee on www.tutortutor.com.au or directly with Tutor Tutor.

  • Members agree to manage their Subscription charges using Tutor Tutor Website. If a member cancels their subscription, they will not receive a refund of any fees already paid.

  • Tutor Tutor reserves the right to accept or refuse subscriptions. Members must not transfer or assign their subscription or any other Plan to another account.


If you have any enquiry please contact us at support@tutortutor.com.au

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