How to Select a Tutor

1. Browse the Tutor Directory

Experience has taught us that there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to tutoring.  No two children are ever the same.  That is why we place great emphasis on understanding the situation before we start. Most consultations are carried out over the phone, though some are done in person either at the Student's home or at a place of their choosing.  Where the Customer is happy for us to do so, we also seek input from the Student's school teacher. 

2. Assigning a Tutor

As with Students, we have no two Tutors that are the same.  Each Tutor brings with them a unique blend of training, experience and character.  However, all of our Tutors operate under a common set of values:


Tutor Tutor's Managing Director, Ceri Drummond, personally assigns each Tutor to the Student.  Knowing each of the Tutor's strengths, assignments are set with the expectation of a successful match between the Tutor and Student. 

3. Monitoring and feedback


After the first session, Ceri contacts both the Customer and Tutor to ensure the stated Learning Objectives are realistic or need adjusting.  From this point forth, Ceri maintains regular and open communication between both parties to facilitate a service that is FLEXIBLE, RELIABLE and CONVENIENT

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